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  • 5g Baker Perkins SFM  - Oval
  • 5g Baker Perkins SFM  - Oval
  • 5g Baker Perkins SFM  - Oval
SKU: Gum5.11Oval

5g Baker Perkins SFM - Oval



These half sheet pan size silicone molds with stacking nubs are specially designed to run on the Baker Perkins Servo Form Mini (11 nozzle) depositor. These molds will fit perfectly into the Baker Perkins standard carrier tray, All of our heavy mat molds will unmold quickly when you roll them back on themselves. No need to poke each gummy out one at a time. Made from superior quality, platinum cured, durable food contact safe silicone, this mold will help maximize production efficiency for years.

  • 154 cavities - No marking
  • Cavities are 1" on center
  • All Baker Perkins molds measure 11.5" x 15 " (292mm x 382mm)
  • No fillers, laboratory tested silicone
  • No distortion, flexible, and consistent cavity shape
  • Superior quality, proven durability food-contact-safe silicone
  • Baker Perkins 11 Nozzle 5g Oval - No marking


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