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  • 5g Hand Filled - Rectangle
  • 5g Hand Filled - Rectangle
  • 5g Hand Filled - Rectangle
SKU: Gum5HandRec

5g Hand Filled - Rectangle




These 'heavy mat' half sheet pan size silicone molds are specially designed for customers who are hand filling (flood and leveling) their molds. Each mold has a raised perimeter lip that allows you to pour and manipulate a large amount of fluid ingredient into the mold without having any material spill over the edges. Made from superior quality, durable food contact safe silicone, this mold will help maximize production efficiency for years.

  • 121 cavities - No marking
  • Half sheet pan size (16" x 11")
  • Heavy mats allow for easy 'roll back' unmolding
  • Heavy mats will not slide around work surfaces
  • Heavy mats will not distort when being filled
  • No fillers, laboratory tested silicone
  • No distortion, flexible, and consistent cavity shape.
  • Superior quality, proven durability food-contact-safe silicone
  • Hand Filled 5g Rectangle - No marking


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